SuccessWebsite® SMS Messaging System

Using Text Messaging in Sign Riders to Easily and Effectively Promote Your Listings Curbside

Our FREE text messaging service allows your prospects to not only request reports but also your listings and SundayTour of Home schedules directly from their mobile phones. Now, with the use of a simple sign rider and our SMS service, interested prospects driving by your listing property won’t have to wait for the next open house or showing, quickly and easily they can get a mobile browser friendly version of that listing from your website. An online link to the listing will also be sent in that text message so your prospect can view the full version of the online listing when they get home. To get started with this go into your control panel and activate your privacy policy then go to the “mobile site manager” link which is also located in your control panel for instructions on how to use the SMS code.

Reusable SMS IDs are an efficient way to better organize your listings, are used to create listing ads, and will allow you to reuse sign riders. So, here's a great tip, whether you're currently running sign riders or plan to, order sign riders with your assigned listing ids and allocate each id to a listing in your command center. The best part is you do not have to get new sign riders created each time you sell and get a new listing, simply reassign the id to another listing.

Think of all of the people that might drive by your listing in a single weekend and not contact you. Through the use of sign riders, and our text messaging system your properties will promote themselves curbside, to pools of prospective buyers. You’ll even attract many Sellers who will drive by these properties and contact you about doing the same for their own homes, regarding you as a high tech agent on the cutting edge of technology.