SuccessWebsite® SMS Messaging System

Leverage Your Business with Tag marketing

With the use of QR codes and your mobile site, you have an opportunity to creatively market your campaign. These are two dimensional bar codes, similar to the ones you once only found in the retail or manufacturing industries but are now used in a much broader context in print, online, on billboards and magazines. Your QR codes will specifically store the URL of your campaign site. After generating a QR code with our system, you can run print material, classified ads or sign riders with these images, and a Prospect with a camera equipped mobile phone can scan the bar code image that would then direct them to your mobile site. Once arriving at your mobile site, given the choice of viewing you message in a video or text they are prompted to opt in for more information, giving you a verified lead.

What is Tag Marketing?

Tag Marketing is the most sought after advertising innovation! The usage of QR codes in the North America and Europe is growing at a rapid pace, due to the ease in which QR codes can transmit information to mobile phones

Tag Marketing is 2D Dot matrix code symbols made of black and white cells or "modules" arranged in a square or rectangular shape created for everyday use.

These types of codes were originally used for commercial tracking purposes such as identification labels on parts and equipment and for logistics but now they are utilized in a multitude of ways by automatically evoking tasks on your phone like sending e-mails, text messages, passing contact information, calendar events, URL's, notes etc.

Where are QR Codes Used?

QR Codes Are Used Everywhere! They are now used in a much broader context in print, online, on billboards and magazines.


  • Tourist Attractions - Using QR Codes to hold visitor info that can later be scanned to match up with visitor photos.
  • Billboards – once scanned, direct individual to marketing offer or company website.
  • Guided Mobile Tours – learn the significance of a historic building or site by scanning a provided QR Code on a map or on the actual building.

QR Codes are the epitome of Direct Response Marketing

Here’s how you can use them to leverage your Real Estate business:

  • Business Card - QR codes can be added to your business card so that when your prospects scan the code, they can automatically import your electronic business card into their mobile device, or visit your mobile site via the URL encryption.

  • Reusable QR Code when QR Code points to a reusable SMS ID

  • Reusable Lawn Signs – prospects can scan a lawn sign of a property for sale and automatically be directed to that property’s Single Property Site or it can reveal an SMS code that can take them to a report.

  • Well suited for editorial ads, free online classifieds, postcards and mediums such as billboards and transit benches - Prospects can remotely visit your website and instantly request a report or service simply by scanning the code in your ad and connecting to your landing page via their mobile device.

  • Add a QR code to listing postings on your office windows so a prospect can quickly capture and save all the information for that listing onto their phone or get directed to that listing on your mobile site.

  • WOW your prospective sellers by presenting this feature in your listing presentation