SuccessWebsite® SMS Messaging System

The SMS Advantage That Prospects Understand

We really must say, if you have listings and are not utilizing the SMS system, you're missing out on generating a steady stream of quality leads.

Our clients’ lead generation through SMS Messaging has increased rapidly throughout the last two years and the numbers are continuing to rise. Our tech savvy clients and even some not as tech savvy, have adopted the SMS system and started effectively generating leads, due to the ease and simplicity of the SMS System and increasing popularity of multi media capable phones. More and more individuals are finding it convenient to view information such as listings and reports from their phones.

There has been a dramatic rise in SMS lead generation just in the past year, generating large number of leads across the board.  Our clients have always had success generating leads through reports with traditional mediums and have successfully generated leads through reports with SMS, but we’ve found that SMS has been excellent in generating leads directly from listings.  Our clients who administer the SMS system strategically, get solid, consistent results!  This is accelerated by the ability to access to rich multi media conveniently, within moments.

Our SMS Messaging System users, use a variety of different advertising mediums to target Buyers and Sellers through online mediums such as Craig’s List and Kijiji and even through offline channels such as sign riders and printed ads.  These channels have proven to be a great fit with SMS Messaging for generating leads.

The SMS system is integrated in with your mobile site for busy and tech savvy prospects who want to view your offer on the go.