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Success Website Lead Generation System

Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend a training Bootcamp for Craig Proctor coaching members in Orlando Florida. I created a short video specifically for this group, demonstrating how a new member to the program has progressed over the past few months from generating and following up with very few leads, to generating 2-3 leads a day, having conversations and closing leads. Check it out:

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During the Bootcamp’s intense day of training, I was pleasantly surprised with how much progress some have made with their SuccessWebsite Lead Generation efforts. Many approached me with big smiles and stories of success, which is always gratifying to see and hear.

However, the common struggle for almost all who were in attendance was still consistently generating and converting the leads.

During my 30-minute time slot, I got to share with the
group some of the services and products we offer here at Success. I also announced a new Limited Time Special Offer which can help you Level Up and Improve Your SuccessWebsite Lead Generation.

When it comes to generating leads online, never underestimate the importance of timely follow-up. Fortunately, the entire morning session was dedicated to follow-up techniques and tactics like the following:

  • Calling back the lead within 5 minutes
  • When to leave a voicemail message and the type of message that should be left
  • The best times of the day and week to make your follow-up calls
  • The importance of time blocking and staying committed to your follow-up schedule

We all know that the real fortune is in the follow-up. But, in order to have the leads to follow-up with we first need to generate a steady stream of leads!

Key Takeaways

While the basic SuccessWebsite Lead Generation system is a great start to generating leads, once you start layering in additional Facebook Management campaigns PLUS the HDX listing portal, you’re now on your way to building a system that will allow you to focus on the ONE THING you need to focus on: Following Up On And Converting Your Leads!!

Level Up and Improve Your SuccessWebsite Lead Generation – Check out our Limited Time Special Offer.


About The Author

Kristie Filion

For the past 14 years, I’ve been working with Real Estate agents just like you to build, expand and scale their business by generating buyer and seller leads online. I have worked with large and small teams, brand new and seasoned agents. The SuccessWebsite mission is to get you leads for the lowest cost and least amount of hassle. We know that in order to grow your business & get more deals (without having to rely on referrals, door knocking or cold calling) you need quality leads that you can follow-up and have a conversation with. The Success Team will work with you as your marketing partner to build campaigns that will generate a steady stream of leads so you can concentrate on what matters most, following-up with and converting the leads.

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