Special automated messaging campaigns to wake up your older leads

Special automated messaging campaigns to wake up your older leads

Re-engage your older leads with special automated email/text Action Plans—at a fraction of the usual messaging costs.

Have you been hoarding old leads and need a better, less expensive way to re-engage with them? We understand that each lead is a potential opportunity, and no lead should be left behind.

Our “Re-Engage Your Database” service gives you access to special automated messaging campaigns designed to wake up your older leads and create new opportunities. It’s perfect for both established and new clients, and especially valuable when you’re switching to the SuccessWebsite platform.

The re-engagement possibilities are endless. Run a “worthy cause” campaign to encourage donations and highlight your community involvement. Promote local home listings and hot deals. Or set up your own fully customized campaigns to attract responses. All with much lower costs than regular messaging to cold leads.

Re-Engage Your Database

Wake up your old leads!

Complete Conversation Management

Not only does EngageCRM help you keep track of your connections, it actually helps you get MORE live conversations! It’s a fully functional conversation starter and manager for all your connections, leads, clients, and beyond.

The “Re-Engage Your Database” offer gives you access to special campaign-specific automated Action Plans designed to re-engage leads and start new conversations. Or customize your own campaigns with help from our Digital Marketing specialists.

EngageCRM tracks interaction with your leads. Easily record and review notes and conversation history. Maximize your time by cherry-picking your most qualified leads for follow-up via phone, ringless voicemail, text, and email.

Manage your replies with help from AI

StayInContact, our multi-channel messenger system, helps manage all your conversations, from every channel, in one place, with real-time reply notifications. Along with mobile apps for Apple & Android, it also includes AI-Powered features to help all your team members follow-up with re-engaged leads. You get access to all these tools with the “Re-Engage Your Database” offer.

Smart AI Call Analysis listens to your phone audio recordings and generates a short summary of each call. For more context, click on the summary and you’ll see the full transcript. Quickly find and review previous calls prior to client meetings. Great for training and improving client service.

AI-Powered Conversations understands your previous conversation history with a lead and suggests incredible responses! Start or continue a conversation quickly when you’re on the go or in a hurry. Tune your message based on audience, purpose, and your service role to enhance your response.

Learn more about StayInContact

Unlimited Conversations

with your Re-Engaged Leads

Say goodbye to messaging charge anxiety! With our Unlimited Conversations option, you can communicate across every channel (phone, text message, email, Facebook Messenger, etc.) with leads who reply to your re-engagement campaigns. As long as your contact continues the conversation, you can message them with no additional usage charges.

Unlimited Calls, texts, and ringless voicemails for up to 50 new & re-engaged contacts/month are included when you activate your “Re-Engage Your Database” service! Ask your SuccessWebsite representative for details.

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To order, click the button below the applicable package for new or existing clients. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through our Webcare Support Portal.

For EXISTING EngageCRM/StayInContact Clients

$50USD/per month

  • Add-on - Personalized, Multi-Channel Re-Engagement Action Plan Content delivered to 1,000 contacts/mo (channels include email, phone & text)

For NEW EngageCRM/StayInContact Clients

$97USD/per month

  • A dedicated Local Number with Unlimited Calling through StayInContact App
  • Personalized, Multi-Channel Re-Engagement
  • Action Plan Content delivered to 1,000 contacts/mo (channels include email, phone & text)
  • Additional Re-Engagement available for $50 for extra 1,000 contacts/mo
  • Unlimited Calls, texts and ringless voicemails with Automated Follow-Up Plans for up to 50 new & re-engaged contacts per month Connect to Any Lead Source
  • Sync your Google calendar & Email
  • Data Import Assistance
  • Call Recording with NEW Smart Call Transcripts
  • AI Powered Follow-Up with the NEW Conversational AI Generator
  • Free Training and Technical Support
  • Existing Client
  • New Client