Multi-Channel Messenger

All your conversations in one place, in real-time, with updates and notifications for your whole team. Now with Conversational AI Generator to help you keep the dialogue going!

How much time do YOU spend every day checking your messages?

In conversations with leads, using their preferred channel builds trust and makes them more likely to respond. But keeping track of texts/calls/emails/chats for all your leads is stressful. Conversations fall through the cracks and you LOSE OPPORTUNITIES.

Our StayInContact multi-channel messenger gives you one unified inbox for all your leads, with real-time notifications so you can respond quickly and provide fast, efficient service.

It can even suggest what to say to your leads, helping you keep a conversation going when you’re on the road or in a hurry.

All your conversations in one place

Every touch, from every channel, in one place, in real-time!

Reply from anywhere

Reply from anywhere in the world with mobile apps for Apple & Android. Unlimited VOIP Calling to US/Canada — even for overseas VAs.

Bring everyone into the conversation

Track, manage, and delegate conversations among your whole team (including remote/virtual assistants and call agents).

Powerful AI Assistance Features

Smart Call Transcripts listens to your recorded call audio and provides summaries with positive/negative sentiment and full transcripts, saving time and keeping everyone in the loop. AI Conversations leverages ChatGPT to suggest what to say to your leads, helping you keep a conversation going when you’re in a hurry or away from the office.

Already a StayInContact user?

StayInContact with all your best leads!

StayInContact is an every-channel communications platform that drives, enhances and elevates personal business conversations between your prospects and your team.

Track and manage all conversation activity in one unified inbox for your whole team.

Track every conversation. Respond from anywhere.

With StayInContact, get all your conversations in one place, in real-time, with updates and notifications so everyone can follow the conversation.

New and recent conversations are always available on all devices.

Mobile apps let you quickly respond from anywhere in the world, via your local phone number.

StayInContact also features Unlimited VOIP Calling to North America, making it ideal for use by overseas VAs, without the need for third-party calling solutions.

Manage all your communications.

Many channels. One view. Across your entire team.

Tag, Filter and Sort conversations to engage with all customers and prospects, or cherry-pick high-value opportunities. It’s up to you!

Fully integrated with our EngageCRM and Conversation Engine! Take advantage of AI-Powered Follow-up and provide fast personalized response when leads contact YOU, ready to talk!

ChatGPT-Powered Conversations

StayInContact features a Conversational AI Generator for high-quality responses with lightning speed.

This remarkable technology understands your previous conversation history with a lead and suggests incredible responses!

Tune your message based on audience, purpose, and your service role, using our proprietary information, to enhance your response.

Suggestions help you restart or continue a conversation quickly when you’re on the road or in a hurry.

See video examples of StayInContact AI Conversations!

Quick Response example

Empathizing with leads example

Changing Roles example

Reviving a conversation example

Bilingual response experiment

How It Works

1. Connect your messaging channels
Text, phone, email, chat for all team members. Anywhere your leads want to talk.
2. Assign & Monitor Conversations
Get real-time notification of lead replies and let the appropriate team member respond.
3. Get more Live Conversations
Leads are comfortable with their preferred channel, and you respond more efficiently. Build more Trust. Seal more Deals!

Ready to Get Started?

New Lead Generation
Multiply the conversion and ROI on every campaign. Real Estate Agents Local Businesses Online Advertisers
Current Clients/Members
Communications are no longer limited to impersonal email blasts. Hiring/Recruiting Elite teams & groups Private clubs Membership groups
Incoming Requests
Contacting you has never been easier. Support widgets Contact Us widgets Clubs, groups, teams, businesses

Flexible pricing for teams of any size

  • Dedicated Local Number
  • Unlimited Calling through StayInContact App
  • Outbound text messages
  • EngageCRM Conversation Engine
    with Automated Follow-up Plans
  • Ringless Voicemail drops
  • Sync your Google Calendar & Email
  • Data Import Assistance
  • Call Recordings
    with NEW Smart Call Transcripts
  • Connect to any lead source
  • AI-Powered Follow-up
    with EngageCRM Action Plans
  • Enhanced training and support
  • One-on-one onboarding assistance
  • Priority Support
  • Ad Management
    Digital Marketing Assistance

Single Agent


per month
  • 1
  • 1000
  • up to50
  • 500




Small Team


per month
  • up to 5
  • 5000
  • up to100
  • 1000




Large Team


per month
  • up to 10
  • Unlimited
  • up to500
  • 3000